Life’s Labors

Life's Labors

As we grow up, we look to our teachers, parents, and even older siblings for instruction and education on new topics with which we are unfamiliar.  We learn how to do math, how to read and write, how to reason. Beyond that, we learn many things on our own through trial and error. As we become adults and enter into the workforce, however, there are many things that we’re either expected to know or benefit greatly from knowing.  Many of these things are not taught to us at any point prior in our lives, and oftentimes, not knowing them can lead to incredible stress.

Have you ever heard about how important “mentors” are?  The reason for this is that they can help guide us around the many pitfalls of our working lives.  But many people don’t have the luxury of having a mentor to look out for them. That’s where Life’s Labors comes in.

What questions should we ask prior to accepting a job?  How much should we allocate to a 401(k) plan? What’s an appropriate percentage of income to spend on living accommodations or a mortgage?  How should we budget? When are employers taking advantage of us and / or violating labor and tax laws?

Stay tuned as we address these topics (and many, many more).  Feel free to comment and engage with us if you have any questions or any suggestions for topics you’d like our opinions on.

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